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LCM Wheel Straighteners

The LCM line of wheel straighteners are fast and easy to use. Our wheel straighteners give you the flexibility to add or change the style of position


LCM101- The floor size is approximately 30 x 18 x 48 inches. Ideal for mobile use.

LCM103- The same frame as the LCM101 with a front arm attachment to accommodate face bends.

LCM201- With a heavier and larger shaft, the LCM201 is the go-to machine for high-production shops or large heavy wheels.

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Lenco AC/DC Tig Welders

Lenco has worked in conjunction with a welding manufacturer to develop a machine that is well suited to the wheel repair industry. The tig welding units are powerful enough to do the job without breaking the piggy bank. We have two welding units available; both units are single phase, boasting 210amps and 250amp respectively. Each unit comes equipped with water coolers and torches that aid longer duty cycle times. The IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) technology makes these inverter welders very capable. Having multi wave forms as well as pulse ability put this product into the precision welding class.

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