Wheel Repair Machine Suppliers

As a team we have a collective 50 years worth of experience in the wheel repair industry. We have fine tuned, in a user friendly manner, our methods for repairing, customizing and refinishing automotive and light truck wheels.

With our patented wheel repair machine, repairing wheels becomes easy.

We are from the schooling that heating and machining are not the way to repair wheels. These two practices should be avoided as much as possible although there does come a time and place where minimal amounts are necessary. Using our wheel repair machine, one has the ability to repair most wheels without the element of excessive heat or machining.

We also have a broad knowledge of all aspects of this industry, from the setting up and cost analysis on the one hand. To the “Where” and “how” or “who” in marketing. This will assist you in not making many of the same costly mistakes that any one naturally would do.

New technology is constantly being developed and sought by our engineers. This is and will be offered to the industry in a cost effective manner. We will have all forms of equipment from wheel repair to polishing machines to lathes with CNC option.

We will be offering our knowledge to the industry and allow business’s to send people to us for training. Some areas of training will be wheel repair, welding, refinishing mobile and onsite, lathe and CNC operation.

We can even go as far as advising one on how to set up and run a chrome plating facility. My advice here would be: “don’t”. We did and all we have to show for it is some experience.